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A Webinar Series: Generating More Commercial Business Through An Optimized Payments Program...

...and how to determine if yours is even optimized correctly. Your payment processing program might not be top of mind, but it can become a differentiator that drives more business for your financial institution

A Compact, 5-Part Webinar Series That Fits Your Schedule

You have things to do, but you also need to continue providing value and developing deeper relationships with your clients. Our 5-Part, 20-minute webinars will give you the payments knowledge to help solidify your place as a trusted advisor for your commercial customers and earn you more business in the process. Signup below gets you access to upcoming webinars and replays of past webinars

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If you're looking to solidify your role as trusted advisor and generate more business, then using your payments program as a differentiator is a great way to go. Gain access to the upcoming webinars and past webinar replays by signing up.

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How To Know If Your Payments Program Is Helping Or Hurting Your Financial Institution – January 26, 2021
Some of you may be helping your business customers with payment acceptance; other might not be. We'll give you a view of credit card payments acceptance from your client's point of view & how this can impact YOUR business.
How You & Your Clients Can Mitigate Payments Acceptance Fraud – March 31, 2021
Businesses are expected to lose $130 BILLION dollars between 2018 and 2023 from fraud. Help your clients avoid becoming the next statistic and generate more commercial business in the process.
Trends In Payments – April 21, 2021
Industry changes, like consolidation of large processors, opens your clients to unethical practices. We'll help you understand the shifts in regulation and how they impact your clients and you. Plus, we'll preview some of the newest payments acceptance technology & strategies to help your clients grow.
Optimizing The Merchant Account – May 19, 2021
We'll help navigate the cost structures of merchant accounts and give you the payments strategies that help you clients minimize fees, save more money, and increase profits so they can re-invest back into their business with you.
Regulatory Compliance and Credit Card Acceptance – July 14, 2021
In recent years, credit card acceptance has had its share of regulation. From Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance (PCI), to anti-money laundering (FinCEN) to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Plus, regulations from the card associations related to signature, EMV acceptance and surcharging. Understanding these regulations will help you better advise your commercial customers so they can avoid costly penalties and fraud.
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