Credit card fees
can add up.

We'll help you eliminate a portion of your fees when you enable our surcharge program.

Whether you’re considering a new processor, or already are one of our valued merchants, we’re happy to help you set up a surcharge program. Credit card payments are convenient to customers, but cost business owners money. This program is designed to offset that cost for you, the business owner. This is one more way we’re working to support you in affordably accepting credit card payments.

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Even though it’s a small percentage, it adds up as more and more customers choose to pay with credit cards. With that money, you could...

Help Maintain Current Staff
Times are uncertain but it’s important to take care of those who’ve taken care of us. This program can help.
Reduce the Need for
a Business Loan
It’s a small price to pay for your customers on each transaction, but it can add up for you.
Fund an Advertising Campaign
Adding a new way to conduct business right now? This can help you promote it to current and new customers.
Sustain Inventory Levels
When times get tight, decisions might have to be made and we believe this can help ease that process.

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Get Started with the Surcharge Program

There is more you’ll need to know to manage the process and we’ll provide all of that when we get you signed up or enabled. Contact us today so we can help!

*Note: surcharging is limited or prohibited in the following states: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

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