Maximize your income with the business contacts you already have.

Build your book of business and get paid to maintain relationships with small and medium-sized businesses as a payment processing solutions provider.

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The Talus Pay Sales Agent Program

The Talus Pay Sales Agent Program allows you to utilize your sales skills to earn more money on your own time. With our top-tier payments training and corporate support, you’ll make sales quickly and learn to independently support merchants as a payments consultant. We’ll give you the tools you need to build and maintain a portfolio of loyal clients. Turn your sales experience into a flourishing career, or add to your current business, with recurring revenue with Talus Pay.

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The outside sales format is flawed.

Other outside sales programs promise quick income, corporate support and expansive training to grow your knowledge in the field.

But they fall short.

Your business relationships are ruined and commissions are lost due to shoddy business practices at the corporate level.

High rates

Misleading contracts

Unhelpful customer service

Slow underwriting

Slow shipping

Bad reputation

You’re left treading water with no industry training, an unclear path to career advancement, out-of-touch marketing materials and bad corporate communication.

You feel the greatest loss of these corporate shortcomings in your pocket and your pride as another company squanders your sales skills and ruins your hard-earned relationships.

The Talus Pay Sales Agent Program takes
a different approach.

Your success is our success. We make corporate support, training and career development a priority. Most importantly, we will provide you the tools and support to make sales quickly and maintain those valuable business relationships through excellent customer service—padding your pocket with more recurring revenue for you.

With the Talus Pay Sales Agent Program, you'll get:

corporate support

Helpful, friendly corporate support


Payments industry training and education


Career development and advancement opportunities


Recurring revenue


Ongoing customer support

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear it from some of our top agents.

As a Talus Pay Sales Agent, your success means everything to us.

  • Follow our process to get your first sale in 3 days or less
  • Learn through immediate professional support and training
  • Earn recurring revenue and competitive commissions
  • Progress structured growth plan with measurable milestones
  • Go at your own speed
  • Enjoy unlimited earning potential


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