The SwipeSimple Platform

An all-in-one payment solution built for ease of use.

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Designed for small business with big ideas.

The SwipeSimple application offers small businesses a versatile platform for payment processing. Standalone terminals, mobile applications, web dashboards—however, wherever you want to do business, SwipeSimple can help.


Reliable Payment Terminal Hardware
Organized Item Catalogs
Custom Reports and Business Insight
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Everything you need for today—and tomorrow.

SwipeSimple is packed with features that help your business stay scalable and flexible.


Offline Functionality
Accept payments 24/7, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.
Cards Stored on File
Accept payments from repeat customers without collecting their information each time.
Next-Gen Hardware
Enjoy reliable hardware that works every time for a seamless checkout experience.
Customizable Invoices
Add your logo and colors to your invoices to keep your branding consistent.
High-Level Analytics
Understand product trends to better meet customer demand with easy-to-read analytics.
Inventory Management
Set up favorites pages, image cataloging, item ategorization and more to better track stock.


Powerful technology that keeps things simple.

Small businesses love SwipeSimple for its ease of use. But rest assured—it still packs a mean technological punch.

Security-First Approach
Cloud-Based Technology
Mobile-Optimized Payment Processing
Virtual Terminal Accessibility

The Talus Pay POS is great for business like these...

  • Auto Repair Shops

    Accept payments roadside or in the shop with a consistently great checkout experience.

  • Medical Offices

    Establish payment profiles and set up scheduled payments for your patients.

  • Food Trucks

    Sturdy enough for shop conditions without sacrificing functionality.

  • Trade Businesses

    Boost visibility in customer payments and technician activities in all your locations.

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Track inventory accurately, set default tip amounts, and see client trends to maximize ROI.

  • Fitness Studios

    Leverage flexible payment options—from one-time charges to recurring membership fees.

SwipeSimple is great. With Talus Pay, it’s even better.

Talus Pay adds value to merchants using SwipeSimple by offering 24/7 US-based customer support to quickly resolve all of your payment processing issues. Of course, that’s just the beginning—our loyalty program, unbeatable prices, and additional business tools make for an awesome combination.

Discover what SwipeSimple can do for you.