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Access our merchant cash advance program and take your business to new heights when you become a Talus client.

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Get fast access to cash to
grow your business...
without ever taking out a bank loan.

Our affiliate, Advance America Capital Corp., provides Talus merchants with the cash necessary to finance your business operations. They are not a bank and the funding is not a loan. A small percentage of your credit card receivables is deducted until the approved payback amount is repaid.

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With Merchant Cash Advance, start using your own funds today to...

Increase Your Inventory
We get it - scaling a business is hard. Access the capital you need, when you need it, and start growing your revenue.
Fund Advertising Campaigns
Ready to break into new markets? Get your target audience's attention by investing in your marketing strategy.
Remodel or Add A New Location
Outdated interiors? Outgrown your space? Keep your business fresh – or branch out into a new neighborhood entirely.
Consolidate Business Debt
Payoff high interest loans, lower your monthly payments, and improve your credit with a cash advance.
Upgrade Your Equipment
Eyeing the latest tools and tech? When it's time to modernize, access capital fast to replace or refurbish your old hardware.
Meet Payroll Taxes
Tight cash flow month? Don't miss payments and risk penalties. Balance the budget and pay bills on time with an advance.

Still not sure?

With Talus MCA, your business can enjoy all of the benefits that come with access to funding – without any hidden fees or need for collateral.

No hidden fees, whatsoever

The MCA program is completely free to apply to, has no closing costs, and there's never a processing fee to receive your cash advances.

A completely hassle-free application process

Our one-page application makes accessing funding as easy as it gets. No tax returns or financial statements required!

Access your cash, fast. With no ding on your credit report

Most Talus MCA customers are approved in as little as 24-48 hours. And don't worry about your credit score – the cash advance won't appear on your report.

Easy repayment plans, on your own terms

Not only is MCA free of any hidden processing fees – there's no fixed repayment schedules, either. Pay back your advance as you earn.

Basic Underwriting Criteria:

Minimum of One Year in Business
Average monthly credit card processing must be at least $4,000
Must batch out at least 10 days per month

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