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Boost your business
with gift cards

Let customers introduce your business to their friends and family.

They Keep On Giving

U.S. consumers spend billions of dollars on gift cards every year. They’re an easy go-to option for birthdays and holidays, and make the perfect prize for raffles and other fundraisers. In 30% of transactions where a gift card is used, buyers spent more money.

Gift cards protect merchants from fraudulent paper certificates. Reports indicate that paper certificates have a 119% redemption rate. In essence, more certificates are being used than actually paid for.

Gift cards are a pleasure to receive and to use — and if your business doesn’t offer them, you’re losing customers to someone who does.

A Simple Way To Grow

Increase Sales

Bring in new customers, keep old ones coming back, and encourage higher spending.

Protect Your Business

Gift cards offer several layers of protection from counterfeiting and double-dipping, making them a preferred alternative to paper certificates.

Make Local Connections

Businesses have the opportunity to connect with their communities through fundraisers and giveaways using gift cards.

Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Gift cards are an ideal incentive for loyalty programs for repeat customers. Keep them coming back again and again.

Increase Profits During The Holidays

Turn the giving season into a growth season with an incentive for customers to purchase and give gift cards for the holidays.

Grow Your Online Followers

Hold an online contest to encourage your online followers to share your profiles. Watch your online fan base turn into greater profits.

Support Your Local Schools

Gift card fundraising is among the easiest, fastest, and most popular ways to raise funds for your local school or charity.

Not Just for Retail And Restaurants

Think gift cards are just for buying merchandise or eating out? Think again. Massage studios, beauty salons, auto shops, even professional services companies can all benefit from offering gift cards to their customers.


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