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Check out the Talus Pay culture

Talus Pay Culture

What makes us a team.

Talus Pay is diverse, client-focused, and always up for a challenge. We don’t just call ourselves a team. We work like one.

A Foundation of Trust
Relationships are built on trust. We strive to empower our people—in the office and beyond.
Top-Down Transparency
From our CEO to our frontline team members, we embrace transparency and accountability.
Commitment to Innovation
We can only help our clients grow if we grow. Every obstacle is a chance to improve ourselves.
Real Collaboration
Every department works together for the sake of our clients. We’re one team with one goal.
Inclusive Diversity
We’re a diverse group of professionals working together. We value and celebrate our differences.
Meaningful Recognition
We honor hard work with our words and competitive compensation. Our folks know they’re valued.

More than a job. A career.

We have sales opportunities, advanced positions, and frontline roles. Look through our openings to find the best job for your skillset and your career goals.

Excellence In Employee Experience

2020 was the year of working from home. Through the challenges and changes brought by COVID, companies adapted, evolved, and learned to bring company cultures from the physical world into the digital. HR Cloud wants to recognize and appreciate your company’s employee engagement, and how you adapted and evolved your company culture over the last year. So, we’re pleased to announce the Excellence in Employee Experience Award.