From the blog Why So Many Thriving Shops Use Talus’ Automotive Merchant Services

What drives a successful auto repair shop? Of course, the most important ingredient is skill. A talented repair team can only take you so far, though — every shop relies on a network of vendors and automotive merchant services to stay up and running.

Choosing the right credit card processor can make the difference between a shop that thrives and one that just survives. The rate you get from a payment processor impacts your bottom line, especially on labor-intensive repair jobs that cost thousands of dollars. Fractions of a percentage point can result in big savings over time, which means choosing the right provider makes a big difference. The lowest rate isn’t the only thing to consider though — as many successful shops have learned the hard way.

Why do so many thriving shops use Talus?

A company with strong local roots, Talus understands what small businesses need in order to compete with national chains. Talus Payments has offered some of the lowest rates available to auto repair shops for more than 20 years. We provide everything you need to start processing credit cards for less — no buy-in, no expensive gear, nothing.

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What does Talus offer your shop?:

Lower Rates

Talus offers lower rates than nearly every payment processing company on the market today — with up-to-date technology and protections the others don’t offer. We keep our fees and other rental and startup costs low to help get you started right out of the gate.

If you find a lower rate, Talus will match it using our rate match guarantee.

Equipment? It’s Included

No need to buy costly payment processing machines — we’ve got you covered.

Talus makes the newest payment technology available to our merchants, complete with EMV credit card and PIN debit card compatibility. We offer a free model that does everything you need to process credit and debit cards with ease.

Most terminals we offer also support smartphone-based mobile wallet transactions like Apple Pay, which are increasingly popular among consumers. Your customers don’t just pay one way, so be ready for any method.

To better meet your customer needs and expectations, Talus offers a variety of payment processing terminals. This includes equipment tailored for mobile devices, which are perfect for auto shops that offer towing and on-site services.

Long after you’re set up, processor-provided machines can be upgraded without buying a whole new terminal. If your machine stops working, there’s no need to drop several hundred dollars on a new one.

Next Day Funding

You can’t wait around for payment. For merchants that qualify, next-day funding ensures you’re paid promptly, which means you have cash on hand when you need it. Thriving shops need quick money sometimes to cover everyday costs like supplies, and stay prepared in the case of unexpected emergency.

Complete Customer Service

When things aren’t working the way they should, it’s good to know you’ve got someone in your corner. That’s why Talus offers 24/7 customer support over the phone for all their merchants. If your processing system goes down, we are here to help you troubleshoot — and offer prompt replacements when necessary.

Our industry-leading customer service department is located here right in the United States. That means you get the service you need quickly without long wait-times and fewer hassles.

Customer Security

All Talus payment terminals come backed with top-of-the-line cybersecurity protections, including fully PCI-compliant systems, to keep you customer payment information safe. Local auto repair shops rely on trust, and cybersecurity breaches can make customers feel like they’re being scammed. Keep your customers safe!

Gift Cards

Retailers love gift cards because they help guarantee future sales. Not a lot of auto shops offer gift cards, as most people don’t associate regular maintenance or costly repairs with the spirit of giving. However, they do offer marketing potential for creative auto shops looking to spread the word about their services — offer a $25 gift card with a referral, for example.

Talus supports gift card programs with preset or optional card amounts, as well as reloadable cards perfect for the parents of teenage drivers.

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