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At this point, you’re more than well-aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it’s making on daily life. In fact, you’ve probably already gotten emails from everyone from your bank to your ISP to your veterinarian.

We don’t have anything new to add to the wealth of information out there. (If you have questions about staying healthy and protecting your family from possible infection, we recommend that you head over to the CDC’s resource page.)

Instead, we want to provide a little reassurance.

We’re still here

Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve been reviewing our business continuity plan, proactively prepping for a variety of scenarios. We have ample safe-guards in place to ensure we’re able to continue providing our services.

Why does that matter?

Because COVID-19 is creating a rapidly changing financial landscape. We want to do everything we can to support the merchants who rely on us for payment processing services—especially right now while businesses of all sizes are working to adjust.

We know how hard it is to build a business in the best of circumstances. We’re committed to helping merchants make it through this trying time.

And while that’s certainly important, it’s not the most important thing we want to share.

We’re adjusting on the fly

The Talus team is an agile, flexible bunch. Our leaders are in the process of determining how we can keep our folks safe without sacrificing our high standards for customer support.

Our employees are easily our most valuable resource. Their health and safety are sacred to us. Fortunately, our team is up for the challenge and is working hard to keep firing on all cylinders, even as we adjust.

That’s clearly important. But there’s one more important thing we want to share.

We’re invested in you

We know this situation is going to play out differently for everyone. Some will suffer financial loss. Others will deal with more challenging misfortune.

And we have no illusions about our role.

We’re a payment processor. We work hard to provide the best services we can for our merchant partners. And while our services are important, the thing that matters most is keeping your family safe and healthy. 

We’re committed to doing what we can to support you. We’re actively seeking ways to help business leaders bounce back when this thing is over.

And we’re sincere about our concern for everyone’s safety—whether you work with us or not. If there’s something we can help with directly, you can always contact us here.

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