From the blog Time Saving Efficiencies Save Money

Saving Money is Important. 

And now, it is even more important to look at ways to save money. But when you think about generating savings, don’t limit yourself to just thinking about cash.  What about saving time by looking for efficiencies to enhance productivity? How much time does it cost
your company when you or your employees must work to resolve issues or sit on help desk calls?

Payment Solutions are Complex.

In our industry, we see this firsthand. Payment solutions are complex, and like any other forms of technology, can come with a learning curve. In many cases, companies selling POS solutions or merchant services make the sale and then provide customer service by way of an 800-number. Anyone who has spent time on a help desk call knows this can be a great waste of time and resources. Calls are often answered by someone who is speaking with you for the first time and knows little, if anything, about your business.  This results in calls that are lengthy and frustrating. Talus pay understands this and takes a much different approach when it comes to these help desk calls.

When you work with a company that believes it is an extension of your business, client satisfaction is taken very seriously. Talus Pay prides itself on providing high-quality customer service. With a retention rate of 96% year over year, we know a thing or two about retaining customers through service. How do we do it?

The Heart of our Customer Service Model

Transparency and integrity are at the heart of our customer service model. Going above and beyond to do what is in the best interest of our clients is what sets Talus Pay apart from other merchant service providers. That is one of the many reasons we have a dedicated support center in house, answering your questions and troubleshooting any issue you may have. Not only is our team reachable when you have a problem, they look for issues before they occur, notifying customers in advance to help head off setbacks before becoming a problem, and eliminate issues that could result in higher fees or system errors.

This means more time for your staff to do what they do and less time on calls trying to fix a technical problem or reconciliation issue.  We’ve all been there—the hour-long help desk call with multiple transfers and coined phrases. The mounting frustration and checking your watch to see minutes wasted. We don’t think your employees should have to deal with this or wonder if they are getting the right solution. Issues will happen with every solution. The key is the manner in which the issues are resolved. This is our strength.

Here are a few ways we deliver high quality service:

  • Talus Pay manages end-to-end conversion and facilitates setup, testing, and training for any POS equipment.  We walk step-by-step through the entire underwriting and implementation process to ensure the business starts off on the right foot.
  • We provide best in class assistance with regards to maintaining PCI compliance and expertise on fraud prevention and card acceptance best practices to minimize risk.
  • Talus Pay proactively monitors merchant accounts to ensure the processor adheres to the negotiated pricing and no fees are being unnecessarily charged.  We regularly review merchant statements and generate account performance reviews to validate expected savings.  We also highlight process improvements and recommend solutions that help optimize costs.
  • Talus Pay keeps the business in the know.  We educate clients on the latest industry trends and provide actionable insights for clients ongoing.
  • Talus Pay guarantees an open and transparent fee structure.  Our service agreement is month to month (no long-term contracts) with no cancellation penalties.  There are no hidden costs or undisclosed surcharges, as other companies hide until after setup.

We don’t just say we will do something. We do it. And we stand behind our commitments 100%. We never commit to something that can’t be done. If something needs to be fixed, we will work tirelessly to resolve the problem.

If you want to bring high-quality customer service to your clients or if you feel like there is a lack of efficiency around your payment solution, it could be costing your clients in one way or another. It may be time to evaluate your current payment solutions provider, and look to a firm that goes beyond just collecting their processing fees while leaving your customers out in the cold.

Are you ready to grow together?