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When I tell strangers that I work in payment processing, I usually get a look. You know the one — it’s a mixture of distrust, frustration, and sometimes anger.

I get it. This industry is opaque and constantly changing, making it confusing for merchants. Pricing structures are complex. It’s difficult to know who’s trying to run an honest business and who’s just trying to make a buck. Worst of all, it’s made up of faceless companies run by people who hide behind their anonymous websites and call centers.

We’re working on initiatives with the primary goal of helping our clients, not lining our pockets. We’re run by real people who actually care about raising the bar for the entire industry. These people have names — Kirkland Luckey, Scott Cruickshank, Keely Wharton, Chad Vanags, Cindy Thompson, Leslie Lee, the list goes on — you can meet a few of them in this video:


Expanding Our Resources to Narrow Our Focus

In January of 2017, Talus was acquired by Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners (AMCP). The partners at AMCP saw Talus as an opportunity, and brought on an entirely new management team to build a new kind of payment processing company — a company based on simplicity, transparency, and accessibility to people you can actually talk to.

AMCP gave Talus the funding it needed to pivot toward this new paradigm. Additionally, AMCP has committed an additional $250 million of acquisition capital behind our CEO, Scott Cruickshank, and the management team to acquire other payment processing companies to grow the Talus family (like Scottsdale-based Prolific Business Solutions, which was acquired in August).

With the increased funding and our new sibling companies, we’re becoming an organization that has the ability to actually change the payment processing industry for good. And we understand that the only way to do that is to focus on one thing and one thing only — the client experience.


Improvements for Our Current and Future Clients

We’re taking a three-pronged approach to client commitment — simplicity, transparency, and accessibility to actual humans.

  • We’re overhauling our pricing plans to create a simple set of options, and providing each of our clients a complete outline of every fee they’ll ever have to pay.
  • We’re working hard on a knowledge base that will provide straightforward answers to the extraordinary amount of questions generated by our confusing industry.
  • We’re retooling our on-boarding process to make it fast and simple to sign up for Talus — and once you’re signed up, things just get easier.
  • With our new funding and expanded reach, we have access to better technology at better rates. In fact, we’re getting ready to launch a brand new high-tech POS system for restaurants and retail stores.
  • We’re getting better at communicating, giving our clients more status updates and news, and including them in what’s going on here behind the scenes.
  • Finally, we’re recommitting to client support. Our support center is open 24/7 and we’re working hard to reduce hold times so that clients can get a real Talus employee on the phone whenever they have an issue.

Are you a current Talus client looking for support? Contact support at 800-787-4105, via email at [email protected], or visit our online help center by clicking here.

Not processing with Talus today and want to find out if we’re right for your business? Request a quote today.


The Future of Talus

We’ve talked about what we think the future has in store for our current and future clients. If you have some ideas about how we can make this transformation even better, I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

Potential partners: we’re always looking for ways to improve our service offerings for our clients. We’ve got a strong client base that’s getting stronger by the day. Best of all, we’re easy to talk to — you don’t need to have an “in” to get us on the phone. If you’ve got a financial or technological solution that could help our clients do better business, we’re ready to talk.

Possible acquisitions: Do you run a payment processing company? Or a technology company in the payment space? There’s room for you in the Talus family. We’ve got a history of successful acquisitions in our rear-view, and a strong client-focused vision for the future out in front. If you want to join the movement for a more transparent industry, we want to get to know you as well. Again, shoot me an email at [email protected]

New team members: Our management team has tried their hardest to make Talus an awesome place to work — and I think you’ll find our employees agree. If you want to work with incredible clients, emerging technologies, and a crew of friendly people, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Thank you for reading and for believing in our mission. We’re excited for the road ahead as we work towards improving the payments space.

Are you ready to grow together?