From the blog Contactless Payments in the Age of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced companies both big and small to change the way they do business. How payments are transacted represents one of the most significant changes. This blog contains information on how your business, despite the industry, can be set up to better take payments in a post-Covid environment.  Working remote has forced businesses to look for new ways to accept payments. We offer ideas below in Payment Acceptance in a Remote Workplace to help in these situations.

Likewise, retailers and other business operating face-to-face, need to adapt existing practices to be as safe as possible for their employees and customers. We can help with Contactless solutions and give more information below in Payment Acceptance with Contactless Payments.

Payment Acceptance in a Remote Workplace

Adding a simple payment button to your business’s website is easy and inexpensive. When invoicing customers, having online payment capabilities means faster payments and easier acceptance as workers and customers are remote.

There are several solutions Talus Pay can help your company setup, and there’s a good chance the solution we have in place allows for a simple payment button on your website.  Even if a new solution is needed, these capabilities are inexpensive, simple to deploy and can be setup within a day – with no web development needed.   A web payment button will allow remote customers to easily pay their invoices using their company credit card.   And your business can provide a link on invoices to point your customers to the web payments button.   We can help ensure the data captured at payment will allow for easy posting of payments and reconciliation.   Call us for help.

Payment Acceptance with Contactless Payments

Almost all credit cards issued in recent years are equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology. This is the same technology digital wallets like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay employ, so a customer can simply hold their card or smartphone slightly above the terminal, making a payment without ever having to touch a keypad.

Your countertop credit card terminals that Talus Pay deployed should be enabled to support these payment methods. If your machine accepts EMV chip cards, it can likely accept contactless payments as well, and the transaction is just as secure.

If you are not sure your terminal is set up for NFC payments, testing your device is easy, with little to no variation per device. Typically, all you need to do 4 easy steps.

  1. Touch Sale
  2. Input transaction amount and press Enter
  3. Hover or tap the contactless credit card or smartphone directly over the screen (see screenshot below).
  4. If the transaction authorizes (it can be approved or declined) and the machine prints a receipt, the contactless feature is working/enabled.

Customer-Facing Pin Pads-another safety measure.

Demonstrate the importance for both employees and customers with dual-pin pads. Most countertop terminals also support the ability to connect to a customer facing pin pad. This helps establish a wall of separation between your business personnel and customers, who would no longer need to touch the same device. The more your customers feel at ease and see you advocating for employee safety, the more likely they are to do business with you.  Plus, almost all pin-pads can also be used with NFC technology, providing yet another layer of comfort for your customers.  A best practice we have seen deployed is to sanitize the customer facing devise after each use.

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