From the blog Case Study: Helping You Save Time and Money

In April 2019, a youth sports organization came on board as a client of Talus Pay. The organization wanted to transfer their merchant services to an Talus Pay solution before their heavy registration season in Fall. Due to their current registration system, they were manually reconciling their transactions against registrations. When they inquired to Talus Pay as to whether there was a better solution, Talus Pay concluded there was and began to coordinate with the registration software company. A simple update could fix the manual reconciliation however, the registration company argued it could only be done if the processing was moved over to their solution (with much higher processing fees). Talus Pay stayed vigilant with its follow up and was persistent to get the update in place. SUCCESS! After much persistence, the software company agreed to the update, saving the organization a lot of headache! (And probably some money too).

Talus Pay’s team took the heavy lifting and worked with the registration software team to ensure the update would be made in time for busy season. The changes were indeed made, the organization completed registrations for over 2,500 children/athletes and the process was seamless. This simple fix saved their organization “hours and hours of reconciling”.

The truth is there are a lot of companies out there that want to make big profits on the fees of your business and sometimes, they use any reason they can to try and get you to commit. Many times, there is a solution that can allow your company or organization to keep more of its money and lessen administrative headaches. Before your business makes a switch, make sure you get consultation on whether that switch is the right switch. In this case, the organization would have made a switch that was completely unnecessary and would have created a lot of stress during a very busy season.

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