The 2019 Automotive Benchmark Report

How much do you really know about the state of the automotive service industry?

In our comprehensive 2019 Automotive Industry Benchmark Report, you’ll find the industry insights you need to make sure your auto repair shop is set up to succeed in today’s service marketplace. Get financial breakdowns, insights from successful auto shop owners, and actionable strategies you can start using today to grow your shop’s profits.

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Inside this report, you’ll find…

A one-of-a-kind, comprehensive look at the state of the automotive repair & service industry in 2019. Our experts have compiled for you over 50 pages of in-depth industry analysis complete with actionable insights you can start applying to your service business today.

How to Start Growing Profits Today

Face it - you can't just wing it. Service shop owners need to be financially strategic, regularly monitoring their practice and their profit. In this benchmark report, you'll find shop-owner recommended strategies you can use to take action today. Learn how to increase your average repair order value, where you should be conducting audits, how to be marketing wisely, and more.

Current Trends

Make sure you're up to date on the latest service shop offerings and costs, industry revenue averages, and labor trends. Customers' vehicles will always need repairs, but your shop also needs to evolve as their vehicles do. Learn more about what's in-store for the repair industry and what technologies to focus in on to set yourself apart.

Insights from the Field

Included in this report are in-depth profiles with other auto repair shop owners like yourself who know what it takes to succeed in today's marketplace. Find out what impacts their bottom line and how they've learned to address the "pain points" in their businesses so you won't have to experience them, too.

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