We’re Upgrading Your Portal!

Here's everything you need to know about Talus's new client portal...

We're Here
To Help You Grow

You work hard to grow your business each and every day.

Here at Talus, we’re working hard to make your work easier. Upgrading your merchant portal is just one of the many steps we’re taking to help you supercharge your growth.

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Click play to see a demo of the new portal!

A Sneak Peek Of Your New Portal

Curious what the new portal looks like? Watch Nikki demonstrate some benefits of the your new portal, including...

Find what you need faster with an improved navigation experience
Get help quicker with the easy option to request support from within the portal
Manage chargebacks immediately with instant notifications
Easily analyze your business health with an all-in-one dashboard featuring all of your important data
...plus many other features designed to help you always have a finger on the pulse of your business' operations

The Simple Steps To Upgrading

Don't worry! Upgrading is easy — and we're here to help you along the way.

Completing the upgrade of your merchant portal is actually quite simple when you follow the steps below, but we also made this quick video to show you exactly what you can expect when you login...

Click play to learn how to log on to the new client portal!

How to Upgrade Your Merchant Portal

Step 1:

Go to the current portal login page by clicking here.

Step 2:

Login with your current username & password. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to a password reset page.

Step 3:

Create and confirm your new password on the password reset page. After successfully creating your new password, you will be redirected to the new portal login page. (FYI: the new url will end with taluspay.info)

Step 4:

Login with your original username and your newly created password.

Step 5:

Bookmark the new portal login page for quick reference. Already upgraded and need the new URL, here it is: http://webportal.taluspay.info/Portal (Note: once you've been upgraded, the old portal login page will no longer work!)

Still Have Questions?

If you still need help simply email us at [email protected]
or give us a call at 800-787-4105